Train people who can work with Biography in the management of crises, decision making and conflicts-at an individual level or in relationships- individually or in groups, offering a theoretical, practical and experiential framework through the:
  • Deepening in the knowledge of the human being and their evolutionary stages as well as of the laws and rhythms that govern life, so that they can use them as therapeutic tools or in the organizations as well, in consulting and coaching processes.
  • Exercises of phenomenological observation of oneself, the surroundings or of organizational processes.
  • Exercises of skills and procedures for the performance of the biographical conversation.
  • Deepening in the biography itself.

A little bit of our story

Starting from the seed Dr. Gudrun Burkhard sowed in Brazilian soil in 1977 ,many “biographics” have happened since then in the extinct Artemísia, center of human development in the South of the city of São Paulo, and, along with them rose the need , among many professionals, to go deeper into the matter of biography and its laws. Therefore, the first training in Biography was begun in São Paulo in 1993. After 14 years, when many “biographical counselors” had graduated and spread throughout the country, the Minas Gerais School was born and in 2009 a new boost in Florianopolis,with the Associação Sagres – center that spurs art and education based on Anthroposophy.
Since its origin, with 5 founding members and other experienced professionals interested in becoming teachers, our group has undergone different processes of development, one of them being that now we have 7 members who manage it in a rotating pattern: every two years, two of us act as managers of the boost.

It´s important to mention that we are the only group in the world in which its management isn´t led by one or two people. We believe this is important since group work today is a necessary challenge to modern man full of himself.

This allows us to also be the only group where there are coordinators present at the students’ work groups, something we deem extremely necessary for us to be able to watch and help them in their experiences and the exercises in every one of the modules. This allows a more solid and accurate training of biographic counsellors.

Another differential is that in our group, counselors with a more therapeutic approach (psychologists and doctors) and counselors who perform more in firms(managers and consultants),work side by side, which provides us with a more extensive vision in every sense.
Our group is part of the ASSOCIAÇÃO DE ACONSELHADORES BIOGRÁFICOS, a class entity that brings all the counselors in the country together in order to promote this work , and that along with schools, is in a process of legalizing our profession. For further information go to

The profession of Biographical Counselor is intimately connected with the profound questioning that arise in today´s human being and which ultimately guide him. This is a very new profession but one that is spread worldwide.

There are currently biographical counselors or coaches in North and South America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Thailand, China, India,Eastern and Western Europe, Rusia and Israel. There are now 18 groups in the world, most of them approved or about to be so by the “International Forum of Biographical Work based on Anthroposophy”-ITF-created in 2003 at the World Biographical Conference at the Goetheanum, in Dornoch – Switzerland, which we also make part of and whose official approval we already have.

The Forum is a platform that assists the world biographical net ,the educational institutions and professional organizations in the different parts of the world. We have annual meetings that last three days, during which the representatives of the groups worldwide, meet to exchange experiences and deal with matters related to the profession. The site is available in English and German.