Group IV

Training for Biographical Counselling

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When we deepen in our biography and the cosmic laws that rule them, we become more and more aware. We expand and deepen the understanding of ourselves.

The transformations initiated by this understanding contribute to the personal evolution, thus improving our social, professional and family performance. At a wider level, they contribute to human kind´s evolution.

The theoretical contents is conveyed through talks, discussions, plenaries and experiences. The program is intertwined with art activities, phenomenological observation, the study of fairy tales, myths or biographies, meditation activities and the execution of projects related with the practice of biographical counselling.

A trip to places called centers of old mysteries is also part of the program. This activity has a specific purpose and the monitoring of teachers. It is taken after the 12th module.

The group work, always monitored by a coordinator, is one of the main components of the course.

14 Modules

The modules last 7 days.
They start on a Saturday at 10 AM and end on the Friday of the following week at 1 PM.

From Nov 23 to 29, 2019

Module 1
Biographical Panorama – the path of the Me

From Mar 07 to 13, 2020

Module 2
Objectification of the biography and the image of the human being

From Jun 20 to 26, 2020

Module 3
Carma and the meaning of the biography

From Sep 05 to 11, 2020

Module 4
Challenges in the biography – meeting with your own shadow

From Nov 28 to Dec 04, 2020

Module 5
Meetings – integration of the masculine with the feminine

From Mar 20 to 26, 2021

Module 6
Zodiac – cosmic vision of the human being

From Jun 26 to Jul 02, 2021

Module 7
Twelve senses and the process of incarnation

From Sep 11 to 17, 2021

Module 8
Integration of practices and concepts – the help talk

From Nov 27 to Dec 03, 2021

Module 9
The human being at the threshold and the meeting with the Christ

From Mar 12 to 18, 2022

Module 10
Crisis and conflicts in the biography

From Jun 18 to 24, 2022

Module 11
Life purpose and karmic accomplishment

From Aug 20 to 26, 2022

Module 12
Retrospective and consolidation of the practice


From Mar 04 to 10, 2023

Module 13
Deepening and evaluation – individual biographical counselling

From Jun 10 to 16, 2023

Module 14
Deepening and evaluation – biographical group work


Amparo Del Moral
Biographical Councelor, Doctor and Social Work Coordinator .
Fátima Helou
Business Manager,Social Pedagogue, Coach, Biographical Counselor and Facilitator of Development Processes.
Marcus Baptista
Business Manager, Business Consultant, Executive Coach and Biographical Counselor.
Matias Klinke
Electrical Engineer, Business Consultant, Executive Coach and Biographical Counselor.
Simone Ceregatti
Psychologist and Biographical Councelor trained in Quirophonetics.
Solange Castilho
Psychologist,Pedagogue and Biographical Councelor.
Solway Topler
Biographical Councelor trained in Dramatherapy.


Dr. Gudrun K Burkhard
Counselor, Social Pedagogue and creator of the Biographical Methodology.

Jair Moggi
Economist, Lawyer with a Master in Management, Business Consultant and Biographical Counselor.

The general coordination of the program is performed by a Collegiate of Educators


Registration: R$ 650,00 until june 30 2019
R$ 1.300,00 after june 30 2019
Cash payment on confirmation of registration. (value won´t be returned in case of waver)

2.Value per module: R$ 3.750,00*
to be paid 15 days before the beginning of each module

*Accomodation and meals not included.
The cost of the modules will be readjusted annually based on the IGPM of the previous year.

During the program you can stay at the Associação Sagres. Learn about the accomodation options and cost by sending an email to: or by phoning: +55 48 3237-3766


a.Annual value (4 modules) cash payment: R$ 13.500,00
to be paid up to 15 days before the beginning of the first of the four modules

b.Value per module, cash
to be paid up to 15 days before the beginning of each module

c.Annual value (4 modules) 12 instalments of R$ 1.300,00
to be paid up to the 15th of each month starting the month before the first of the four modules

!In case you miss one of the modules already paid,you can replace it when the next group starts without the need of interrupting the course.


All the program is permeated with Rudolf Steiner´s Anthroposophy and the methodology developed by Gudrun Burkhard and Daniel Burkhard.

in order to register, you will need

1.Registration form – click here

2.Summarized personal and professional resume

3.Letter of intentions explaining the reasons for the interest in the program




Rules for Cancelling

  • The deadline for wavering is of at least 30 days before the beginning of each module,in which case there will be a refund in proportion with the payment that was made,except for the value of the subscription fee.



Associação Sagres

Anthroposophic Educational Center for Adults
Rua da Macela, 80
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